About owning a Sapphire Poodle Puppy

We are so happy to occasionally have a few puppies to share with the world. We have worked hard and spent a lot of time and money training and proving our dogs in conformation and performance, as well as health and diversity testing them. We are working to improve the breed. - so expect them to cost a little more than someone who does not take these extra measures to ensure sound, healthy dogs who are able to preform. 

Puppy Litters will be registered with AKC and UKC

Puppy Purchase Options

Pet/therapy/service dog that will not be shown in conformation or performance - available with limited registration under spay/neuter contract. The puppy will be spayed/neutered at the age your vet recommends - normally at approximately 18 months old rather than younger- in order to benefit from hormones needed for growth. When proof of spay neuter is provided, you will receive your AKC limited registration papers. If you decide to participate in a sport where you will need registration, I will send in the registration papers as co-owner until spay/neuter is preformed at which time they will be signed over to you. 

Show or performance dog - Co-own is available with the registration transferring to full once the puppy has one conformation title and two performance titles. . Not interested in co-own? Full registration may be available to trusted parties with an increase in price of $500. 

Guardian homes - Occasionally I may be looking for someone to co-own a dog with me that I am interested in showing/breeding at a later time. The puppy will live in your home with you. As co-owner I would pay for any health testing and showing that I would like to do with the dog. Of course you would be welcome to come along and participate as much, or as little as you like. Females would be bred twice, after which she will be spayed at my expense and you will receive full ownership if you like. Males will be used as stud as I need them, but are not to be bred to any other dogs without my consent. There are other perks that I won't go into here, but its a great benefit for both parties. Must be local to me and trusted. 

Breeding stock - NO. Just no. I do not want my puppies to go to breeders to be bred for the sole purpose of selling puppies. I will never sell a puppy to anyone who produces any type of mixed breed, particularly if poodles are one of the components. I do not condone the mixing of breeds in order to have something "novel" to trick buyers into. There is no benefit to mixing breeds. Mixed breeds or "mutts" used to be free or $50 at most. Now they cost as much as pure-bred dogs.. It's a truly amazing scam that I want no part of.  

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If you're interested in a puppy from a current or future litter, please fill out our puppy application. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Litters page and the Puppies Available page. 

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